Current officers

Doug Dickinson (President)

Born and raised in Fairfield, Maine. I Served 30 years active duty Navy as enlisted (not an officer) and retired back home to Maine in 2017. I got Married to my high school sweetheart and we have two adult boys. I have loved the sport of ATV'ing since I had my Yamaha Big Bear 350 back in the late 80's and could ride wherever as long as we did not get caught. Now I have my cushy side by side and we love to go out riding, but know to follow the rules of the trails. My hobby has now become a passion as I found myself getting all wrapped up in the laws and the politics behind the scenes of the ATV Community. I have been a member of the Central Maine ATV Club for over four years now and was sucked in as being the Trailmaster after my very first year. Now I am on my fourth year as Trailmaster and have gained the title as a board of director as well. I put in over 200 hours a year working on the local trails. I have spent a great deal of time working with all my local ATV and snowmobile clubs in an attempt to get them to all work together. The results have been good and now I want to expand that philosophy to the entire state of Maine.

Matthew Leggett    (VP)

I started out riding when I was 13 on a ATC 200s.  From the first moment of riding, i was addicted.  I've loved the sport and had wheelers most of my life.  I had never been a part of a club though until 2018 when I helped form the Sanford Maine ATV Club.  I never realized how important clubs were to the trail system.  Since then, I've hit the ground running trying to advocate for all clubs, because I realized that with out clubs, there would be no trails.   There have been many challenges for clubs that have not been addressed that I felt needed to be.  That is why I'm happy to be a part of the formation of the Maine ATV Coalition.   We hope to meet the needs of clubs and riders so we can keep the sport going in Maine for years to come.  

Jamie Feyler (Treasurer)

I was born and raised in Maine. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 16 years and been together for the last 26 years. We have 2 great kids. I love to go camping with all my family. I like to ride the 4 wheeler. My husband got me into hunting about 6 years ago and now I am addicted to it. I have 4 cats and a bunny.

Amy Washburn (Secretary)

I was born and raised near Albany NY. I married a great Maine guy and we settled in Norridgewock in 2004 to raise our family - 4 biological children,  plus 4 Fresh Air kids, and 8 high school exchange students over the years. I enjoy time with family, reading, quilting, and being outside most of all. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, gardening, riding snow machines, cross country skiing, and riding motorcycles. My now adult children still refer to me as their 'Good Bad Influence'. I would let them make a slip and slide from the play set during a hurricane, and when the rain stopped I would hold the hose so they could still play.

Lisa  Larue  (Legislative committee)

I have been the club president of Two Rivers ATV in Mattawamkeag Maine for 5 years.   I love to do research and argue so I feel like this position suits me well.