Laws and FAQ


Q: Are snorkels allowed in Maine?

A: NO.  Even of your ATV comes stock with a snorkel, it is still illegal in the state of Maine.

Age restriction

Q: Are there age restrictions to operate an ATV in Maine?

A: YES.  Under 10 can not operate on the trails.  Ages 10-16 can operate once they take a Maine State approved safety course and they have an adult with them. 

When do trails open

Q: Are the trails open?

A: The best place to get that answer is by contacting the local club in the area you are looking to ride.  Clubs may open as soon as May 15th but as late as June 15th.  It all depends on the trail conditions in the area.

Safety Classes

Saftey classes are now offered online for those 12-16.  You can find the online course by clicking the link below.  Inperson classes are still needed for those that are 10-11.......Yes we understand that is odd but we don't make the rules at the state level.  

Maine ATV Laws

The best place to get accurate information is straight from the state website.  Click the link below to open a PDF of the ATV laws in Maine

Local Maine representative

Here is a link to find who your local representative is in order to make a difference when important issues facing ATV's comes up.