Exeter Explorers ATV Club

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/326210167576489

The purpose of the Exeter Explorers club is: to own, maintain and operate social and recreational facilities and ATV trails, for the use and benefit of its members. Also to stimulate and advance the safety of ATV recreation thru responsible riding and safety training/education programs for adults and children. We want to foster/improve a positive perception and public image of ATV riders and to promote community interaction and betterment. Our desire is to create and improve landowner/land use relationships and to encourage good relations among businesses, landowners, law enforcement and other agencies.

A goal is to stimulate and develop a fraternal spirit among ATV enthusiasts and to participate in and support club activities with club rides, meetings, and social events among its members. Everyone is to help ensure all operations are performed in a desirable and lawfully means for the successful operation of our club.