Irving Woodlands

Irving is one of the large landowner located in northern Maine.  Irving has requested that riders who plan on riding their land become a member of one of the clubs that utilize their land.  As ATV riders, it would be in our best interest to honor such a request since they have been gracious enough to allow ATV activity on their private land.  The following clubs utilize Irving woodlands land: 

Allagash ATV Club, Aroostook Riders, Aroostook Valley ATV Club, Big 13, Borderline ATV Club, Caribou ATV  Club, Eagle Lake Trail Blazers, Frenchville ATV Riders, Grand Isle ATV Club, Island Falls Freewheelers, Knowles Corner ATV club, Madawaska Valley ATV Club, Masardis ATV Club, Northern Ridge Runners, Patten ATV Club, Portage Lakers, Shin Pond Trail Riders ATV Club, Sinclair ATV Club, Sly Brook Trails Blazers, St. Agatha ATV Club, Star City ATV Club, Valley ATV Riders, Van Buren ATV Club.